Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dota Allstars Hero - Jahrakal The Troll Warlord Guide and Strategy

Dota Hero – Jahrakal The Troll Warlord Guide. Troll Warlord is one of the best in DotA dealler damage .. His DPS is the highest dps on the DOTA … mid one hero – the best of late existing … and average hard on the counter are always so … (except the noobs who make course,,)

- Hero Late lethiferous
- Hp ga too thin
- Highest DPS
- Highest ASPD (higher than bone flecther)
- Perma Bash oft out

- No skill to make vague
- Klo guns’ so = ATM

Skill Build:
lv 1: Fervor
lv2: Berseker Rage)
lv3: Fervor
lv4: Berseker Rage
lv5: Fervor
lv6: Rampage
lv7: Ferfor
lv8: Berseker Rage
lv9: Berseker Rage
lv 10: Blind
lv11: Rampage
lv12-14: Blind
lv 15: stats
lv16: Rampage
lv17-25: Stats

as usual, took the Blind depending on your opponent, for example at the beginning of your game against heroes like Raijin that rely on attack, not the skill it used to take the blind, he could not mengharass besides you, he will be hard to do last hit on the creep

Item Build: (optional)
(A). DPS TROL High Warlord (very very recommended)
1. buterfly
2. power tread
3. Satanic
4. hyperstone or cuirass
5. Lothar edge
6. free

(B). Full damage Troll Warlord
1. Lothar
2. power tread
3. vladmir offering
4. Stygian Desolator
5. MKB
6. hyperstone or butterfly

in Option (A) the item build is by relying on the speed of attack, while an option (B) relies on your damage, I think Lothar is mandatory for items such as traxex jahrakal, used to butt the opponent or escape

Early game

firstly buy ancient tanggo 9 seed .. and ironwoodbranch 5biji … who select the line below if you Sentinel and Scourge line above if you …
pake technique always last hit .. try not one line with heroes nuker and Disabler … farming continues .. you try to become the first hero who reaches lv 11 … buy a helmet of iron will from first let your armor ride … making new helmet of doominator … then power trends .. try at lv 11 you have this item:
- Helmet dominator
- Power trends
- Quarterstaff
BWA dominator uda so you can get out into utan .. MULU tp do in the woods .. while go farming in line …

you should be able still and kill here … kill was approximately 4-5 times .. so until after the so Lothar Lothar Owning you have not … continue to kill .. n Make butterfly at lv 16 .. then make it too Satanic.
if you continue farming still and also can kill lv 16 you should have :
- Buterfly
- Power trends
- Satanic
- Lothar

Late game ..
if you have the items above and your enemy below lv. Owning no guaranteed there on yourside … after that you can get free items to make whatever you like .. except of course who orb effect.

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  1. I don't think so... He has one of the highest DPS but I believe the highest DPS is Ursa's... Mortred also has very high DPS but very fragile early... Ohh, now I get it, do you mean attack speed? In that case, that is not DPS per se...