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Spectre Item Build | DotA Mercurial Item Build Guide and Strategy

Spectre Item Build - DotA Mercurial Item Build Guide and Strategy. A darkness who was ancient even in the early days of the world’s existence, Mercurial is the embodiment of rage and vengeance in the souls of those long dead. Haunting her enemies with relentless fervor, she is able to throw a dagger-like projectile that allows her to chase her prey beyond physical boundaries, and the fear and the desolation struck in the hearts of those who have the misfortune of encountering her alone is a pain impossible to withstand. Spectre’s thirst for destruction is insatiable, and the upcoming struggle seems to be just what she was waiting for.

Mercurial – The Spectre
Range: 100 | Move Speed: 295
Primary: AGI
Str: 19 + 2 | Agi: 23 + 2.2 | Int: 16 + 1.9
Damage: 46-50 | HP: 511 | Mana: 208
HP Regen: 0.82 | Mana Regen: 0.65
Attack Speed: 0.72 | Armor: 3

Spectral DaggerSpectral Dagger Spectral Dagger (D)
The Spectre launches a deadly dagger that trails a Shadow Path. Deals damage to the targets in its path. Units hit by the dagger will also trail a Shadow Path. The Spectre becomes phased (gains zero collision) while on the path.
Level 1 – Spectre gains 5% movespeed, enemies lose 5%. Deals 50 damage, lasts 12 seconds.
Level 2 – Spectre gains 9% movespeed, enemies lose 9%. Deals 100 damage, lasts 12 seconds.
Level 3 – Spectre gains 14% movespeed, enemies lose 14%. Deals 150 damage, lasts 12 seconds.
Level 4 – Spectre gains 18% movespeed, enemies lose 18%. Deals 200 damage, lasts 12 seconds.
• Damage type: magical
• Buff lasts for 4 seconds after Mercurial leaves shadow path.
• Debuff lasts for 7 seconds after enemy leaves shadow path.
• Slows but does not damage magic immune units.
• The dagger moves at a speed of 857.14 units per second.
• Vision is granted of shadow path when Spectral dagger is cast.
• Casting range: 2000
• Area of Effect: 150
Mana Cost: 130/140/150/160
Cooldown: 16

Desolate (L)
Deals bonus damage that cuts through armor when attacking a hero that has no nearby allied units. Works on Illusions.
Level 1 – Deals 20 bonus damage.
Level 2 – Deals 30 bonus damage.
Level 3 – Deals 40 bonus damage.
Level 4 – Deals 50 bonus damage.
• Damage type: pure
• Damage is dealt before Spectre’s actual attack.
• Works only if attacked enemy has no allies in 350 range.
• Your illusions also have the Desolate skill.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Dispersion (I)
Causes any damage taken by Mercurial to be reflected onto all enemies in a 1000 AoE. Damage reflected decreases based on how far heroes are from you. Full damage at 300 range then decreases gradually till 1000 distance away.
Level 1 – 10% of damage.
Level 2 – 14% of damage.
Level 3 – 18% of damage.
Level 4 – 22% of damage.
• Damage type: pure
• Reflected damage is not felt by Spectre, effectively reducing the incoming damage.
• Illusions will not benefit from this ability.
• Area of Effect: 1000
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Haunt (T)
Creates a haunting image beside each enemy hero. These images are uncontrollable, take 200% damage, deal 40% damage and each of them will attack only its pair. Haunting images have a 1 second delay before they become active.
Level 1 – Creates an Illusion beside each enemy hero, lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 – Creates an Illusion beside each enemy hero, lasts 6 seconds.
Level 3 – Creates an Illusion beside each enemy hero, lasts 7 seconds.
Mana Cost: 150
Cooldown: 120
• Illusions have Desolate ability with same level as Spectre’s, and damage from Desolate on illusions isn’t reduced.
• Illusions are uncontrollable.
• There is a 1 second delay before illusions start attacking the nearest hero.

Reality (R)
Key Combo: R
Description: Target a location to replace the nearest Haunt Illusion immediately and end Haunt.
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Mana Cost: 0

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